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The Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander Behrman in New York City. Madame Alexander was an extraordinary woman, way ahead of her time in a man's business world. MADAME ALEXANDER herself was born March 9th, 1895, into a Jewish immigrant family. The same year her father opened the nation's very first doll hospital. While working in her father's shop she saw many broken-hearted girls coming in to have their beloved dolls repaired. It was at this time that she vowed to create an unbreakable doll that children could have forever. At the beginning of World War I, when times were very hard, Madame Alexander and her sisters decided to make inexpensive cloth dolls; thus her first dolls were created. It is believed that Madame's first doll was a Cloth Red Cross Nurse.

madame alexander doll 01

By the 1930s, Madame had both a doll factory and a storefront. Beatrice added composition dolls to the line and started creating doll characters from popular books and movies, like LITTLE WOMEN, SCARLETT O HARA, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND. In the 1940's she was a pioneer of a new material in the doll world, hard plastic, which is still the durable and beautiful finish that is used on todays dolls. It is here that she had achieved her dream of an unbreakable doll. With hard plastic dolls in the line , the 1950's was a highlight in the world of Madame Alexander. She became a fashion creator with the introduction of her full figured 10" CISSETTE and 21" CISSY. And Madame's most popular and treasured doll the 8" WENDY-KIN, which all still remain in the Alexander Doll Line today. Major department stores were selling Madame Alexander dolls. In 1951, 1952, 1953, and again in 1954 she won the Fashion Academy Gold Award for the best doll fashion designs.

madame alexander doll 02

By the 1960's her INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION, STORYBOOK DOLLS, and BABY DOLLS like HUGGUMS, PUSSYCAT, and VICTORIA all had become well known names in every household. Madame's mission was founded on the belief that dolls should engage the imagination and bestow a child's happiness and joy as they enhanced their understanding of the world. Works of literature, the arts and the different cultures of the world were inspirations for many of her creations. Under Madame Alexander's direction,

The Alexander Doll Company introduced a series of "firsts" that have shaped the doll industry! Ultimately, her perfectly dressed dolls came to reflect the evolving lifestyles and dreams of the 20th century.

madame alexander doll 03

Madame Alexander has become World Renown for making the most beautiful Dolls in the World. In 1986, at the age of 91, Madame Alexander received Doll Reader Magazine's first Lifetime Achievement Award. F.A.O. Schwarz Toy Store honored Madame Alexander's 65 years as the First Lady of Dolls with its Lifetime Achievement Award. Madame Alexander's Name was entered into the Toy Industry's Hall Of Fame in 2000, and her dolls into the Smithsonian Institue and the Brooklyn Children's Museum. And displayed throughout the world by many private collectors, both adults and children that truely appreciate the quailty, detail, and unending new designs. Madame Alexander Dolls have become a doll collector's dream doll. Madame Alexander Dolls have become one of the most cherished and well-known play dolls. Madame Alexander Dolls have been passed down and enjoyed from generation to generation, and have stood the test of time and to become a favorite classic collectible and play toy.

madame alexander doll 04

Beatrice Alexander Behrman died October 3 1990 at the age of 95. In the summer of 1995 The Alexander Doll Company was acquired by the Kaizen Breathrough Partnership, a private capital fund managed by Gefinor Acquisition Partners and sponsored by Gefinor, an international merchant banking group. The have been successful in introducing many new collections to the Alexander Doll Line like WIZARD OF OZ DOLLS, DISNEY DOLLS, BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS DOLLS, and many new play styles including a popular CLOTH DOLL LINE. Madame Alexander now produces the most loved and sought after characters dolls like FANCY NANCY, ELOISE, MADELINE, and RAGGEDY ANN. Today her love of dolls, fashion, and new horizons continues through the new company's dedication to what the name, "MADAME ALEXANDER" really stands for.